What About the Chakras?

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by Victoria A. Liotta, DAc, LAc, LMT

As an acupuncturist, I am often asked how the chakras fit into the scheme of healing. First off, there are differences between acupuncture and the chakra system. Acupuncture originated in China, while the chakras are part of ayurvedic medicine from India. Both have methods of delivering vital energy in the body. Acupuncture uses river-like meridians to circulate energy known as qi. Chakras are more spherical, are located at the torso and head and spin energy known as prana. The energy in acupuncture meridians and chakras is known as putative energy, which is energy that cannot be measured.

There are seven chakras and each has a specific location, color and meaning. An easy way to learn the order and colors of the chakras is to use the acronym from science class, ROY G. BIV. Whether it is the colors of the spectrum, rainbow or chakras, they are all in the same order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The following outlines the location, color and key words associated with each chakra.

  1. Root chakra: Red. Base of spine and pelvis. Passion, vitality, security.
  2. Sacral chakra: Orange. Lower abdomen. Creativity, sexuality, practicality.
  3. Solar plexus chakra: Yellow. Upper abdomen. Intellect, clarity of thought, wisdom.
  4. Heart chakra: Green. Chest. Health, relationships, devotion.
  5. Throat chakra: Blue. Neck and throat. Communication, expression.
  6. Third eye chakra: Indigo. Between the eyes. Self-awareness, intuition.
  7. Crown chakra: Violet (or white). Top of head. Inspiration, spirituality.

Chakras can become unhealthy or blocked. Practices such as yoga, meditation, fasting, detoxing and acupuncture help to restore the function of the chakras and their associated aspects.

Victoria A. Liotta, DAc, LAc, LMT, is a doctor of acupuncture at Inner Source Health, in Huntington Village. As an acupuncturist and massage therapist, she has experience treating headaches and body pain, and frequently aids those with anxiety and depression. For more information, call 631-421-1848 or visit InnerSourceHealth.com.

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