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Products From Long Island – Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine articles cover the selection of natural food products which are produced exclusively by Long Islanders, natural food stores and healthy living retailers.

Strengthen Your “Wood Energy” for a More Fulfilling Life

by Deena Kloss When Sandra, in her 40’s, wakes up in the morning she feels a little sad and empty. “Another same old day,” she says to herself. As the day goes by, her sadness diminishes; however, her feeling of boredom remains. Her job is not exciting anymore and her life feels like a TV show rerun with the same ... Read More »

TeloMore Increases Lifespan by Improving Telomere Health

Viachem LLC proudly announces that TeloMore advanced longevity dietary supplement is now available. TeloMore Astragaloside IV, the concentrated all-natural nutraceutical, extracted from the Astragalus membranaceus plant, supports production within the body of a very important enzyme, telomerase. Significant genetic research has revealed that telomeres, the tips at the ends of chromosomes, are home to a unique DNA sequence that protects ... Read More »

Get Connected to Loved Ones with Five-Element Healing Energy

It has been a trying time for Susan since her mom passed away. Her mom was her best friend and had been by her side for 40 plus years. Her family was worried that Susan may hurt herself after experiencing the loss of her mother. Susan’s feelings of loneliness and anxiety are common reactions, not only to the passing of a loved ... Read More »

Cell Death and Aging

In 2009, the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine was awarded for the discovery that the tips at the ends of our chromosomes (telomeres) are home to a unique DNA sequence that protects the chromosomes from degradation, and that the enzyme telomerase supports that DNA. Telomeres are specialized molecular protective caps at each end of the DNA strand that protect chromosomes from degradation. Telomeres ... Read More »

Is Your Toothpaste Toxic?

What prompted Pam Rich, a Chopra certified Vedic instructor and holistic business owner, to switch her toothpaste was the line on the back of the package that read: “If swallowed, call poison control.” “Really, this is the standard for dental hygiene!” exclaims Rich, of Essentially Powerful, whose focus is on the holistic wellness of Long Islanders. Many natural health-seeking individuals ... Read More »

Book Launch: Chocolate & Diamonds

September 13 is the release date for Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul—an anthology about empowerment, survival, courage and awakening, coauthored by100 women. The book brings together many voices into a masterpiece for the ages. Each “timeless treasure” represents a diamond that has endured the test of time, the heat of transformation and the release of inner beauty to the world. When reading ... Read More »

Rockin’ Wellness Team Launches New Product: 4 on the Floor

4 on the Floor Energy Blend is a powerful caffeine-free, gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO drink mix of 27 carefully selected ingredients, including greens, herbs, mushrooms and spices—all chosen for their beneficial and supportive properties. With 30 servings per jar, 4 on the Floor can be enjoyed hot or cold mixed with any non-dairy beverage. The Rockin’ Wellness team is excited to launch ... Read More »

Power to Change

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In the 1960s and 1970s, cancer was a word that was hardly ever mentioned out loud. When Mrs. McGillicutty down the street was diagnosed with cancer, no one ever said the word “cancer.” We referred to cancer in whispers or as “the c-word.” Yet, here we are in the 21st century, and you hear the word all the time. Perhaps ... Read More »

Making Long Island Drinking Water Safer

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Almost 10 years ago, concerns over the safety of Long Island drinking water came into question. The water, which comes from underground sources, has long been subjected to pollution from pesticides, herbicides, industrial waste, chemicals leaching from plastic water bottles, and even home chemicals. A variety of tests on this water has revealed the presence of pollutants that can cause ... Read More »

Every Child Needs a Healthy and Safe Home… Is Yours?

Once upon a time, the safest place in the world was home. Remember playing outside all day, drinking water from the hose, and mom making a homemade dinner every evening? Times have changed. Now, some of the most serious health problems for our children start at home where they spend up to 90 percent of their lives. As a concerned ... Read More »