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Animal Friends Soothe Autistic Children

Relief for Stressful Social Situations According to the Centers for Disease Control, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) now affects about 1 in every 68 children in the U.S., up from 1 in 150 in 2000. This includes 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls. Contact with animals may help ameliorate this troubling trend. A recent study of 114 children ... Read More »

Walking The Cat

Harness a Curious Cat for a Lively Stroll SANDRA MURPHY Cats live longer these days, due to improved food, regular veterinary care and indoor living, but there’s another aspect of health to consider. To thrive, cats need mental and physical stimulation, which outdoor adventures naturally deliver. “Leash walking’s a great way for cats to get fresh air, exercise and explore,” ... Read More »

Creature Crime

Feds Make Animal Abuse a Felony In October, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classified animal cruelty as a class A felony and a “crime against society,” on a par with such serious crimes as homicide. The FBI intends to prosecute intentional abuse and torture, gross neglect, sexual abuse and organized abuse, which includes dog fights. Also, the onset of ... Read More »

Pet Vaccine Alternatives

Natural Steps to Nurture Immunity SHAWN MESSONNIER With pets, as with kids, vaccine safety and necessity are likely concerns. While holistic veterinarians tend to minimize the use of vaccines, their strongest stance is against unnecessary vaccinations. The point is to immunize only when it’s needed by individual patients while maximizing natural immunity. In the late 1970s, amid the discovery of ... Read More »

Lifesaving Acts

Protecting Animals at Home and Abroad SANDRA MURPHY         Each year, more dogs, cats and other pets end up in shelters as lost, stray or owner-surrendered than leave them for a new home. What can be done to reverse this trend? How to Help Immediate steps: Have a vet implant a tiny RFID (radio frequency identification) microchip. It’s ... Read More »


I didn’t want you, You would make a mess. The kids wouldn’t help, It would only cause stress. Who would feed you or walk you at night? Taking on more responsibility just didn’t feel right. But there you were on the street all alone, How could we not stop and bring you home? Much to my reluctance, we “adopted” you—we ... Read More »

Causes of Cancer in Your Cat or Dog 

Cancer in dogs and cats is actually more common than most people realize. Understanding more about this disease and ways to help reduce risk can help your pet live a healthier, happier life. This article will deal with some of the causes of cancer in pets and some steps that you can take to help reduce risk. Overall Cause of ... Read More »

Pet Bed-Buddies

Is Sleeping Together Healthy? ERIK J. MARTIN There was a time when Eliska, a three-pound Prague ratter, would curl up and sleep next to owner Krista DeAngelis, and most of the time, she and the dog enjoyed a peaceful night’s slumber. Then DeAngelis married, and her husband banned the dog from the bed for fear of unintentionally squashing Eliska in ... Read More »

Kent Animal Sanctuary Holiday Pet Photos

santa puppy

Kent Animal Shelter is holding its holiday social at the pet-friendly Martha Clara Vineyards, 6025 Sound avenue, Riverhead, on Sunday, December 7, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Have the entire family (including four-legged friends) get professionally photographed for holiday greeting cards. There’s a $10 donation per photo, which goes directly to homeless animals. Sip some local wine and spread ... Read More »

My Itchy Pet: Is it Allergies in Your Dog/Cat?

by Michel Selmer, DVM By the time October rolls around, autumn is well under way, and along with that fall weather comes a number of pollens and molds that could be affecting your pet, especially those dogs and cats that spend time outdoors or live in a household with other pets that do spend time outdoors. Knowing the symptoms that may ... Read More »