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Places In Long Island

Places in Long Island – From romantic wedding places to get married to fun kids birthday party places, Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine articles cover the towns and attractions.

Restorative Teacher Training: Level 1 at Yoga Nanda: Garden City

Starting November 3, from 5 to 9 p.m., Yoga Nanda will host a Restorative Teacher Training led by Muriel Pullizzi at the Garden City location. This 25-hour intensive is open to a limited amount of students, allowing more time for personalized attention. Pullizzi has created this training for the student that wants to dive deeply into the practice of restorative ... Read More »

Yoga Nanda

Cara Stone is the owner of the beautiful Yoga Nanda, located in Long Beach and Garden City, and her studios’ mission is “to build a yoga community where the patron can know their truth, speak their truth, and hold their truth in their heart. Through physical, emotional and spiritual self-realization, we as a humanity grow to unite with our larger ... Read More »

Myobrace Orthodontics: Health Ramifications of Airway Obstruction 

  It has been suspected that malformations in the craniofacial structure of individuals result in various defects of the respiratory system. Airway obstruction is known to be one of the results of these malformations, and it leads to sleeping disorders, such as sleep apnea and chronic mouth breathing. However, research has also shown that airway obstruction is not only a ... Read More »

About Smithtown Smiles

Our Smithtown, Long Island dental office is dedicated to painless dentistry, exceptional customer service and wellness-focused dental care. We take a health-centered approach to your care by using nontoxic materials with minimally invasive and tooth-conserving dental techniques. Dr. Alex Shvartsman believes that all dentistry should be cosmetic—from a simple filling to a full mouth reconstruction. When you are under our ... Read More »

The Paramount Partners with Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot for an Extended Concert Commitment

The Paramount, in Huntington—the 11th highest-attended club venue world-wide, according to Pollstar magazine—has announced a partnership with Mike DelGuidice and Big Shot to bring a consistent schedule of live shows to The Paramount in 2016 and beyond. Celebrating the music of Billy Joel, Big Shot has already performed to sold-out crowds numerous times in 2015 at The Paramount; and, as ... Read More »

STOP! Before You Do Any Other Weight-Loss Program, Read This Now!

Have you tried all the latest fad diets and lost that unwanted extra weight—only to put all those dreaded pounds back on again? What if someone told you that you could lose weight—permanently— and that you could do it without exercise, hunger, cravings and none of those costly prepackaged foods that popular diets offer—and that the weight-loss program is 100 percent ... Read More »

Greatful Dead Tribute at the Paramount

Enjoy a special night of music celebrating the legacy of the Grateful Dead, Friday, February 26, starting at 8 p.m., at the Paramount, in Huntington. Two of Long Island’s hardest working bands, Half Step and Reckoning, will be transporting those in attendance to that magical place that the Dead has taken people for 50 plus years. Location: 370 New York ... Read More »

Join the New Year Movement

Serenity Zone, INC and Starbucks  Serenity Zone, INC and Starbucks are teaming with with Sahra Robinson LCSW-R, SMC-C, CAMS-2 and Jeff Cornatzor RT, CSMC as they show you the 3 basics involved in effective stress management.  The event includes, FREE coffee tasting. Feel free to bring the little ones. There will be stress management activities, run by licensed clinicians, provided ... Read More »

Planting Their Roots on Long Island

The Paramount, in downtown Huntington, is thrilled to announce The Roots on December 26 at 8 p.m. Recognized for being the official house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Roots have performed with artists from Bruce Springsteen to Prince. Now Huntington will have a chance to see them live just in time for the holiday season. Rolling ... Read More »

Nontoxic Rosacea Cream Available Without Prescription

Often consumers wonder why expensive moisturizers for rosacea burn and irritate skin. Usually this can be caused by the synthetic fragrance that is added to many department store and drugstore over-the-counter creams. When looking at the ingredients, one will usually see the word “fragrance” or “parfum” on the product label, which represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals used to make ... Read More »