New Beginnings

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In October of 2012, I took possession of Natural Awakenings Long Island (NALI) magazine from its previous owner. Around the same time that I embarked on my publishing career, I found a new hobby, stand-up paddle surfing.  I love walking out my door at the end of the day to try to find a wave to ride. Waves are not always rideable—they are affected by things like tides, the phases of the moon, storms, and even crowds—but when you catch the right one, it can be quite spectacular! You propel down the face and drive your board back up only to soar down it again, I like to hop off before the wave turns into white water so that I can access another wave and another with less effort. Knowing when to pop off the back of a wave is a skill.

Another hobby of mine is journaling when I seek answers. My normal journal entries start with a question. A few months ago my question was, “Did I make the right decision when I changed careers to become a publisher, did I choose the right “wave”?”

The answer came back a resounding a YES!!! My time as a publisher has been AMAZING. I worked with a production team that is second to none!  I have met readers that have thanked me and told me the ways the magazine had helped them fight and prevent illness of the mind and body. I had the opportunity to publish a book A Year of Inspired Living  (published by the same publisher that published famed Chicken Soup for the Soul book series!!). I grew! “Yes, I picked the right wave!” So if it was the right wave, then the next quest invariably becomes, “Is it time to pop off?” That was a much harder answer to arrive at. But after much reflection, the answer was yes. I share with you all here, the very difficult decision that I have made, that my time as your publisher has come to a close. As I write my final publisher letter, I find it both interesting and ironic that another crisis has befallen Long Island (and the rest of the world). The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the globe, and in doing so has shed light on the real dangers of pre-existing diseases, like diabetes and obesity. The coronavirus has made it crystal clear that the health and wellness mission of Natural Awakenings is more important than ever! With that knowledge, I knew I could not in good conscious walk away without first finding someone with vibrant energy and passion to take NALI to the next level. I needed to feel good that your new publisher is a person that will strive to bring you even MORE than we have offered in the past! Trust me when I tell you that I leave you in great hands. I leave you with Michael Lehrman the publisher of the beautiful Natural Awakenings NYC edition at your help. As for me, I hope to find more waves (real and theoretical) to ride! For now, I send you all much love and ask that you follow me @core95lb as the co-owner of Long Island’s premier hot barre and fitness studio, Core 95, in Long Beach, NY when we reopen. No goodbyes—instead, Malama Pono-(Take Care of You).

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