Sleep Apnea Takes Its Toll

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Every night in America, an estimated nine out of 10 children and 80 million adults suffer from sleep-disordered breathing (SDB); and every day, kids and adults experience a wide range of debilitating SDB-related disorders, such as: ADD (attention deficit disorder), ADHA (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), daytime drowsiness, snoring, anxiety and depression, lower IQ, crooked teeth, irritability, TMJ (temporomandibular) pain, aggressive behavior, bedwetting, frequent headaches, asthma/chronic allergies, swollen adenoids and tonsils, nightmares, low grades in math and spelling, and obesity/hypertension.

Last month there was an online, virtual educational meeting that people were able to join from their own home, titled, “Regain Your Life! Conquer SleepDisordered Breathing,” led by Lauren Gueits, RDH, BS, a dental hygienist of more than 20 years, trained myofunctional therapist and national speaker who is passionate about patient care and disease prevention.

Gueits introduced participants to the importance of proper breathing as it relates to development, growth and overall health/well-being. Most importantly, we learned how they can take control of your child’s health and quality of life without surgery/medication.

Interested to learn more about sleep apnea and to obtain dates for future events? Contact Dr. Raios office at 631-447-8073.

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