Natural Awakenings Long Island Is Searching for Business Partners

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There is so much going on at Natural Awakenings Long Island (NALI), and it is growing by leaps and bounds. Currently, there is an open market for sale in Queens, part of Long Island. “The opportunity to publish a health and wellness magazine has been amazing for me,” says NALI Publisher Kelly Martinsen.

“I would love to see an entrepreneur come in and experience the same in Queens, and would love to be able to work with that person.”

NALI is also looking to begin offering “center services,” including a hot barre class and a hot Pilates class in their very own location, and is seeking someone with “young energy” to contribute to the endeavor. “It seems to me the Universe wants this—an infrared heated strength- and core-focused studio—but, in all truth, the Universe knows that to build a Natural Awakenings-inspired Hot Fitness Center, we need a partner,” notes Martinsen. “Perhaps a young, hip energy that can be provided by a teacher that has a similar philosophy, drive and vision.”

If you are interested in learning more about either opportunity, email your resume and intention to NALI Publisher Kelly Martinsen at [email protected], and she will schedule a meeting with you. No phone calls, please.

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