Reach Your 2018 Wellness Goals at Blast Spa & Fitness

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To maintain and reach our wellness goals, we need support and a pathway to health that is both fun and challenging, especially during the holidays. Gatherings, friends and family often leave little time for all the extras.

Blast Spa & Fitness, the North Shore’s newest fitness boutique and spa, offers a variety of wellness practices to help you live a healthy lifestyle. In one visit, guests can take a spin class, sit in the sauna, get a massage and then get a blow-out.

The name “Blast” was inspired by one of Hollywood’s newest wellness practices, FasciaBlasting, a treatment exclusively available at Blast’s Great Neck location. FasciaBlasting helps rebuild healthy fascia—the connective tissue underneath the skin that protects and supports individual muscle groups and organs. When fascia gets tight or bound, it restricts healthy blood flow, slowing down muscle recovery and increasing the appearance of cellulite.

Using a wand-like tool with small claws, fascia technicians smooth out fascia with the FasciaBlaster, a practice used to increase blood flow and release tension. A 50-minute session helps restore your body’s natural flow by breaking through fascia knots and helping with any imbalances in the body. FasciaBlasting can also rid of cellulite and rejuvenate skin.

Owner Maria Ciancio Gioino says: “FasciaBlasting completely reversed an old knee injury I had been fighting for years. I tried everything and clung to blasting as a last resort. Today, I am pain-free and have resumed a life I love.” She wanted to bring the same benefits to people looking for relief and opened Blast to service the community.

In addition to FasciaBlasting, Blast Spa & Fitness offers spin, TRX, yoga, reformer Pilates, and cutting-edge spa services, including infrared Himalayan sea salt saunas, massage and a hair salon.

For more information, call 516-570-6300 or visit

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