Message of 2020  

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by Ravindar Kaur

Number 2 represents cooperation and balance through deep desire to bring peace between people, situations and organizations.

To create positive energy in your life become mindful of focusing on positive aspects. Think of your attention as an electrical beam of light that flows from you into any condition your attention is on.

As this happens also remember that energy sent out also flows back into your world with the same intensity and of the same qualities as was originally sent by you.

This short meditation in the morning can save you and bring peace within you and around you.

“I consciously stop, think, pause and choose right words and right response.

I choose to bring forth the divine consciousness to be the driving force within me that could bring the right response, right spoken words as well as right thoughts.

I do not permit discouragement and disillusionment, as they are the illusions of human limited consciousness.”

Through daily practice of deep silence within, one can sharpen the skills of discerning the truth from illusions.

The final outcome of this practice is that you choose your responses wisely. Creating internal mastery. Creating fulfillment.

Ravindar Kaur is a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, reiki master teacher, numerologist and professional artist. She is located at 55 W. Old Country Rd., Hicksville. For more information, call 516-519-2458.

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