Mercury Removal: The Ultimate Detox!

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Removing mercury dental fillings is a powerful and necessary step for dentists dedicated to protecting the health and vitality of their patients. Although mercury fillings are comprised of approximately 30 percent
silver, unfortunately, the remaining 70 percent is mercury. In 1988, dental amalgams received a toxic classification by the Environmental Protection Agency, which mandated they and their byproducts be handled in accordance with the laws governing hazardous waste.

You can’t see, taste or smell mercury, but then its vapor is released via brushing, chewing, eating or grinding teeth. It can be inhaled into your lungs and passed along into the cellular structure of the organs and intestines, therefore, compromising the health of the brain, tissues and nervous system. Biocompatible composite fillings are a healthy and affordable alternative to mercury amalgams. They are also natural looking, metal-free and durable. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology has established guidelines for minimizing mercury exposure during the removal of amalgam fillings. It is important to choose a practitioner that is knowledgeable and skilled in following them.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of the Golden Dental Wellness Center. Golden performs all forms of dental procedures, including mercury removal mentioned above. Call her at 516-627-8400 to schedule a mercury removal appointment.

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