Angels, Oils and Practical Magic

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by Catherine Driscoll

On November 25, 2016, Black Friday, Heidi Husser opened the doors to her long-time dream store, Angels, Oils and Practical Magic, located at 227 Willis Avenue, in Mineola.

The store carries all forms of metaphysical supplies and gifts as well as essential oils by Young Living and Rocky Mountain Oils. The unique items available are intended to lift the spirit and raise a person’s vibration. Many products are handmade by local artists. Items include jewelry, diffusers, books, crystals, oracle cards, tarot cards, tapestries, candles, ornaments, oil sprays, crosses, fairies, runes, pendulums and mermaids. Husser notes that “merchandise changes frequently.”

“Angels, Oils and Practical Magic was created to be a source for everyone—people of all ages, cultures and beliefs,” shares Husser. “Many people are becoming enlightened about the law of attraction, manifestation and the power of faith, and my store helps them learn and assist them on their individual paths.” The store carries numerous books with introductions and explanations of the different views of spirituality, as well as books for the more spiritually advanced individual. Everything is positive and “light.” “The store was created to allow for everyone to feel relaxed and happy when entering,” says Husser, who also notes that many metaphysical stores appear dark and daunting. “I wanted the opposite.”

Husser had two careers prior to opening her store. She was a postal worker and union president for approximately 10 years and then a postal customer service supervisor for approximately eight years. After much strife and anxiety on the job, Husser left to get a law degree. Her path and fate took her back to Long Island to work for the NYC Department of Education after she passed the New York bar exam.

“I knew that I was meant to open this store,” shares Husser. “I was finished with a career that paid the bills but did not make me happy. I tell customers that I am a ‘recovering attorney.’” She intends to maintain her license but will only practice when it suits her. “I love my store and my life. I do not believe in coincidences or luck. I believe everything happens for a reason and at the right divine time.”

Angels, Oils and Practical Magic is open Wednesday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, call 516-741-2865 or connect on Facebook or Instagram: Angels Oils and Practical Magic. 

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