Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., to Speak at NAVEL Expo

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“Since my first visit to a doctor, I’ve always felt uneasy about the idea of someone doing a check-up to search for potential health issues. But as you well know, our entire system is focused on the management of chronic disease. So all of the bloodwork, scans and tests are used to identify some menace, and hopefully early enough so it can be managed,” says Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D, author of The Cancer Revolution.

The goal of the upcoming speaking engagement at the NAVEL Expo is to introduce the public to a much more innovative approach to using advances in technology, as well as engaging the more innovative medical professionals to create the structures for human optimization.

We don’t need to worry about running out of gas when the tank is full, or that our engine may cease because it’s low on oil. We understand that when the mechanical vehicle has everything it needs to function optimally, we, for the most part, can rest easy that we’ll get to our next destination without much drama.

To take this analogy a bit further, a race car has different demands than a vehicle that a family may use to take a leisurely road trip. There, the race crew looks to get the most out of this high-output machine as possible. And it is that optimization that makes it virtually impervious to breakdown in the less demanding day to day.

Connealy is one of the 70 expo presenters who will shift what you believe is possible about the capabilities of the human machine, when precision-tuned and optimized.

The NAVEL Expo will be held Nov. 4 at the Sheraton Times Square, in NYC, and Nov. 5 at the Huntington Hilton, on Long Island. For more information, visit navelExpo.com.

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