Find Your Healing Path by Following Your Intuition: an Interactive Workshop with Michelle Andrea Stewart, Healer

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If your intuition is telling you to attend this workshop on January 6, from 4 to 7 p.m., in Lynbrook, you need to be there! Learn how to connect with that inner voice that knows what you need and how to find it! Your own body and wisdom can lead you on your path of emotional, physical and spiritual health. Michelle Andrea Stewart will work with you using visualization, drawing and other intuitive exercises to help you access your intuitive gifts.

Stewart has a natural ability, as an intuitive energy healer, to read signals from the body and to use healing touch to bring relief to clients with symptoms of trauma, tension, stress and emotional imbalances. In this workshop, she shares techniques that were a part of her process of expanding her healing gifts.

Cost: $40. Location: 110 Hempstead Ave., Lynbrook. For more information, visit

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