Confused Girl in the City

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Confused Girl is making a big impact in athleisure. Giovanna Silvestre is a perfect example of a millennial female entrepreneur who has created her own success with no money and a dream. She worked part-time jobs and used her following from her blog and social media as a springboard to create a unique product with a powerful message. On her inspiring journey, she met a healer that gave her two crystals. These crystals inspired her to start her own activewear line based on the fundamental healing attributes of these stones. The healing crystals balance yin/yang energy and cultivate courage, creativity and healing. Touched, moved and inspired, Silvestre decided to launch Confused Girl as a start-up. “Our company is founded on and supports the journey of all women with the goal of finding their unique life purpose,” she says.

Confused Girl has grown and continues to grow as an activewear line that seamlessly integrates fashion and athleisure, suitable for going to brunch and then to the gym. This summer, Confused Girl was featured in Yoga Magazine, on the cover of the July/August issue of LA Yoga, and the first fashion start-up to be featured in Silicon Beach Magazine. “You can also find us in Certa MagazineYoga Digest, as well as on VH1,” says Silvestre. “Our products are produced ethically, right here in Los Angeles where we are based.

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