Wine Could Be The Problem On This “Non Diet” Plan

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Ok, so I know that Jesus turned water into wine…but maybe that was to get people to eat bad food? Who knows why he did it. But I have learned on day 6 of this forty day journey that wine may be mywine yoga downfall. Seems one glass makes me want two and two makes me want…..CHOCOLATE. So last night two glasses (it WAS Sunday) ended with not one but three spoonfuls of Nutella. Self discovery re-check, I need to eliminate wine unless I am out socializing. No more wine by the fire, at least for the next 40 days. I’ll miss it, nothing like a glass of red, some olives and cheese and a roaring fire, but I am trying to determine the best way to honor my body and mind. This is it, sacrifice, nourishment and service. So I gotta sacrifice the wine. For the next forty days, I will be turning the wine into…..water (no worries, we still got Sunday!).


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