First Sunday Lent Life Style

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I failed my one glass of wine last night. Cooked with one glass, and when the snow started sat by the fire with my husband and had another half glass. While I had great intentions. You know what my Grandmother said about great intentions, “the road to hell is paved with them” (jeez that’s harsh, may need to add therapy to this program 😉 ).

But, part of this program is to be “gentle with me” not creating toxins that develop from horrible self talk. So good news Kelly “you are off the hook”.

This is the first Sunday of the program and normally I would say a cheat day. Remember lent allows for Sunday to be a day off. I am heading into today, with a plan not to cheat. It has only been 4 days and I feel that for me to be successful I need to have a good start.

I also noticed I have a trigger time, 8:30pm I crave sugar like a maniac. So I need to honor that, change my plan up to 3 meals AND one healthy snack. Yesterday it was half a cup of yogurt with some honey. Which satisfied my craving!honey


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