VortexHealing Is Divine Energy Healing

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“VortexHealing is much more than a healing art,” says Donna Joyce, a VortexHealing practitioner with vortex feature16 years’ experience. “It is a complete transformational process—a path empowered by divinity that works with pure, powerful, divine source energy. Its expression is the power of divine love. It brings divine energy and consciousness to anything in creation that needs it.”

In practice, this enables VortexHealing to work in a very powerful way on the body, mind, emotions and spiritual consciousness, explains Joyce, who is proficient in Divine Doors, UAP and creating new reality streams to help clients shift their health, business, relationships and home. “It impacts all aspects of the body’s energy system and transforms the deepest karmic issues we hold as human beings. Because what is being used is always sourced from divine energy and consciousness, the result is not just relaxation or release of conditioning but the transformation and evolution of human consciousness awakening to its true nature. In turn, every aspect of a person’s life changes.”

For more information, call Donna Joyce at 877-543-2546, email her at Info@LiftYourSpirit.net or visit LiftYourSpirit.net. More information can also be found in the book VortexHealing, by Ric Weinman.

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