The Pinhole Surgical Technique

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With continuous vigorous brushing of teeth, periodontal disease, misaligned teeth-887338_1280teeth and inadequate care of teeth, many individuals may develop the gradually occurring problem of gingival recession. This is when the natural gum line of the gingiva moves away from the crown, exposing the fragile root enamel. This area is sensitive, susceptible to wear and tear and prone to accumulation of harmful bacteria, which may lead to periodontal disease.

Gingival recession is a very common condition, with studies showing that some individuals have a genetic predisposition to it. It is therefore a challenge to treat. Most dental procedures required for treatment involve extensive surgical manipulation of the periodontal tissue and may take weeks for favorable results, if any, to be obtained.

One of the best treatment options available for adequate treatment of gingival recession is the Pinhole Surgical Technique. This technique, also known as the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation technique, is an advanced method of treatment for periodontal disease where there is no use of scalpels, sutures or grafts. A small hole is made in the gingiva of an individual, and it is through this hole that specialized instruments are inserted and used for correction of the receded gum. The minimal trauma exerted on the gingiva results in fast healing of the wound site, with minimal swelling and discomfort. Only a few short sessions, ranging from one to two hours, are required for optimal results. Aesthetic changes are almost instantaneous, and individuals often feel a youthful and attractive change in appearance soon after the procedure.

The Pinhole Surgical Technique has revolutionized treatment of gingival recession in modern day dentistry and is embraced by dentists worldwide. The expert handling of special tools efficiently results in complete repositioning of receded gums, and we at Golden Dental Wellness Center are fortunate that all three dentists—Drs. Linda J. Golden, Batool Rizvi and Jeffery Etess—are certified Pinhole Surgical Technique dentists.

Quick and effective treatment of gingival recession prevents future tooth sensitivity and possible loss, and also protects against development of periodontal disease.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center (444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-627-8400.

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