STOP! Before You Do Any Other Weight-Loss Program, Read This Now!

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Dr. Michael J. BerlinHave you tried all the latest fad diets and lost that unwanted extra weight—only to put all those dreaded pounds back on again? What if someone told you that you could lose weight—permanently— and that you could do it without exercise, hunger, cravings and none of those costly prepackaged foods that popular diets offer—and that the weight-loss program is 100 percent guaranteed? You’d probably be very skeptical.

If you’re ready to finally shed those pounds forever, Dr. Michael Berlin can help … .

Hello, I’m Dr. Michael Berlin, and I’m tired of all the weight-loss ads promising all-natural long-term results that really do not deliver the whole solution to permanent weight loss. Yes, they have part of the solution, but without the whole solution, you cannot get truly permanent results. This is why weight loss is so difficult. You see, there are about 10 things in the right proportions that you need to heal in order to get truly permanent and healthy weight loss, and if a program does not deliver all 10 then your weight problem will return. This is because your weight problem is not a weight problem, it is a health problem. Extra weight is a symptom of deeper physical and/or emotional imbalances that all must be resolved to get permanent results! The 10 things have to do with nutrient absorption, stress levels, sleep quality, food combining, liver function, toxicity, hydration, emotional eating, food sensitivities, and hormones. If any one of them is left unresolved, your weight problem will return. It’s that simple.

You see, people think that you need to lose weight in order to get healthy, but the truth is that you need to get healthy to lose weight! Think about it … most of us when we were children could eat anything and not gain weight. But over the years from junk food, toxicity and stress, our insides get ruined very slowly. As this happens, our hormones will very slowly shift from fat burning to fat storing. We say that “I’m just getting older” or “it’s my hormones,” and we are right. However, what CAUSED your hormones to change?! It was that your insides got run down. And these days it is happening to everyone, including our children, much faster than ever before because of our toxic, fast-paced world.

So, if the CAUSE of our weight problems is because our bodies got run down on the inside, then the diet-398613_1280only permanent cure is to reverse the damage, clean the slate, and heal your weight problem for life!! In our office, we guarantee healthy, permanent weight loss because we don’t treat your weight problem, we heal you completely on the inside. We rebalance all 10 things, and we reverse the damage and sluggishness that occurred in your organs, naturally, safely and efficiently only with wholesome foods and some supplements. We teach you how to shop, cook and eat for life in a way that is the healthiest for your whole family. The result is that you will go back to your natural healthy weight within three to six months and stay there! Your body will be lean and efficient. Our patients lose about a pound a day the first month and are completely healing and preventing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, sleep problems (including apnea), digestive problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol, neuropathies and more! Plus, we have incredible all-natural spa treatments to help people de-stress, detoxify and lose 4 to 14 inches in one hour.

Call to find out about our free seminar each Tuesday evening at 844-LOSE-123. See testimonials at See listings in the Community Resource Guide.

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