Seven Questions to Awaken the Guru Within

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Seven Questions to Awaken the Guru Within Break the Norms Center, in Hicksville, presents Seven Questions to Awaken the Guru Within, an evening of discussion and meditation with Chandresh Bhardwaj, founder of the Break the Norms Movement, at 7 p.m., November 23.

Bhardwaj will discuss some of today’s most pressing spiritual questions. They include, Does religion help us to reach God? Do you have to be a Hindu to attain enlightenment? Do we really need a Guru on our spiritual journey? What is the connection between money and spirituality? What is the key of a successful relationship? Is God dead? and How important is it to be celibate on your spiritual journey?

Location: 47 W. Nicholai St., Hicksville. For additional information or to register, call 516-938-9600, email RSVP@ or visit

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