No Cell Phone Antennas Outside of Our Homes!

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Dear Long Island residents,

I, Debbie, am a mother of two young children living in Huntington where a cell antenna has already been installed on a pole just 5 feet outside the backyard fence of our home.

We all have a very serious issue on our hands. In May of 2016, with no notification to residents, the town of Huntington approved a deal with Crown Castle on behalf of Verizon Wireless to add 160 “small cells” (a distributed antenna system) on new and existing utility poles. A similar deal was made in the town of Oyster Bay and possibly in other places across Long Island too. These cell antennas emit radiofrequency microwave radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Thousands of peer-reviewed studies from all over the world show clear evidence that wireless radiation causes biological damage. No safe level has been scientifically determined for children and pregnant women. With these new antennas, the radiation is forced inside the walls of our homes but is out of our control. We can never shut it down, not even when our children sleep. In addition, the equipment is an eyesore. Small cells are not small, and they are being added to neighborhoods every five to 10 houses. Studies clearly show property values drop when in close proximity of cell antennas. Would you buy the house with or without the cell antenna out front?

For now, these antennas are 4G (fourth generation technology), which has already been proven unsafe, but the plan is to change them over to 5G very soon (promising better virtual reality, driverless cars, and faster downloading speeds—but at what cost to our health?). This new 5G uses much higher frequencies and millimeter waves that have never been tested for long-term safety. We are an experiment.

Please join us to put a stop to cell antennas near our homes and the coming of 5G. Join No Smart Meters or Small Cells LI on Facebook or call/text my colleague Carol Leitner at 516-242-8270. Come to our next monthly meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13, at the Huntington Hilton, located at 598 Broad Hollow Road, in Melville. And please check out the website for more information on all wireless radiation issues, including 5G, and the science behind our concerns.

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