No Better Summer Accessory than a Bright, White Smile

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Summer is made for socializing and get-togethers. Be it a trip to the beach, a backyard party, or a family barbecue, we’re all mixing and mingling a whole lot more. And after spending the winter months working out and eating healthily, it’s time to shed the heavy winter coat and wool sweater and show off what you’ve worked so hard for. The summer months hold the promise of a healthy glow with a great tan. Whether you spray it on, do it naturally (with sunscreen, of course), or keep your skin fresh while avoiding direct sunlight, either way, your summer glow exists. And nothing goes better with that summer glow than a beautiful, white smile!

Dr. Linda Golden, of Golden Dental Wellness, uses both Venus Whitening and KöR Whitening products to offer you the brightest smile possible. With the Venus Whitening system, you will see immediate results. And with take-home trays, you can conveniently continue to lighten and brighten your teeth up to eight shades whiter! Venus has the ability to remove those deep stains with a precision application in a process that takes roughly one hour. The trays used at Golden Dental are custom fit using a mold of your own teeth; therefore, applying the whitening cream over your teeth evenly and in every area.

If you have dark stained or sensitive teeth, then the KöR Whitening system may be a better choice for you. It is available for everyone above the age of 13, which means a big, bright smile come senior prom! The process is very comfortable and achieves a very natural look, so no one will ever suspect you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened. The KöR System has the ability to make your teeth almost 16 shades lighter, yes 16, making it perfect for patients with deeply stained teeth.

Keep in mind, while there are many at-home teeth-whitening products, they do not offer the precision and ease of use as the ones provided by a dentist. Applications rarely give a uniform look because the trays are not custom fit to your teeth. Note, too, that it is also possible to damage your gums with improper use of whitening applications.

This summer, Golden is offering a complimentary 15-minute consultation to determine which teeth-whitening product is best for you. So, if you’ll be lounging by the pool or just outside enjoying some fun in the sun, there’s no better accessory to go with your tan, bathing suit, and flip flops than a bright, white smile!

Source: Golden Dental Wellness. Location: 444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset. For more information, call 516-627-8400, email or visit See ad on page 15.

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