How You Can Live an Inspired and Empowered Life

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Begin right now by putting your feet on the floor and take three deep breaths. Imagine a beautiful, sunny day and let sunlight fill your body with light and breathe in a higher, lighter energy that lifts you up and motivates you to create or express. Feel more relaxed and experience the peace, love and joy of your soul. Allow the energy from your soul, the sun and the Universe to fill you up, and then share your love and inspiration with others. When you take inspired action coming from your soul, you are empowered.

Learning to discover and express your truth in appropriate ways is an essential aspect of being inspired and empowered. First, we must become grounded, centered and present, then we need to listen. When you become aware of your breath, your feet on the floor, or your heartbeat, you are present.

Learn to take time for yourself to become quiet and still, even if it is only five minutes in the morning. It is in the stillness and quietness of the present you can hear your deepest truth. Discovering who you really are and your uniqueness is a vital part of being inspired and empowered. Then learn what you can do to move toward living your life’s purpose.

Follow your joy and passion. Ask yourself what do you love doing and makes you feel alive? Then do more of it.

Inspired action is acting from your soul rather than your ego. As your soul, you operate from a loving, heart centered place. Acting with your ego, you are acting from a constricted place of fear or anger. Acting from your soul doesn’t mean you don’t allow yourself to feel your feelings, it means you don’t act in any way that would hurt you or another. In order to live an inspired and empowered life, you feel all of your emotions and learn to accept and love all aspects of yourself. When you get triggered, you become aware of what has activated you, clear the energy, then let it go, speak your truth or take inspired action.

Listen and take action when you receive information from your intuition. Intuition is information the Universe gives to you to move you toward your highest good and your best life.

Become an example. Be a leader or teacher with your kids, at your job, or wherever you are.

Overall, quiet your mind, listen to the small voice within, love yourself, be kind and compassionate to others, shine your light, receive inspiration from a greater force and then be the inspiration to others. Empower yourself and then empower others, and together we will create a better world.

Source: Nanci Deutsch, LCSW, CHT, intuitive coach and host of the Inspired & Empowered Living Radio Show on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. on To learn more about Inspired & Empowered Living, visit She is available for in-person, Skype or telephone sessions. To schedule a session, call 516-897-0649. See ad on page 8. Call for 15-minute free consultation, and buy two sessions and get $50 off the second. Deutsch will be keynote speaker at Carol’s Holistic Expo on June 29, talking about The Power of Intuition to Create an Extraordinary Life and The 5 Must-Know Secrets of Healthy, Conscious Relationships. See ad on page 17.

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