Mercury-Free Dentistry, Part 3

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Prior articles have discussed extensively how a holistic and mercury-free dental practice help to protect the environment and individuals from the harmful effects of mercury in amalgam fillings. Now we will delve

Dr. Linda J. Golden, DDS

Dr. Linda J. Golden, DDS

into how the patient can be prepared to achieve optimum results in the process of removing amalgam fillings.

For many patients, the immune system is weakened when toxic levels of mercury are found. So many people that have amalgam fillings present in the mouth are regularly releasing mercury fumes as they are bathed with oral fluids and other acidic solutions found in the mouth. The majority of patients can live their lives with these fillings and do just fine. For those patients that have health issues—and the range of these health issues can be endless—it is recommended they see a healthcare practitioner to evaluate their system and toxicity levels before the removal of amalgam fillings. If a patient is found to have high levels of heavy metals, as well as mercury, preparing the body’s immune system is very important before treatment of the unwanted mercury restorations. Having the body at it healthiest encourages faster healing and a quicker return of the equilibrium of the body to the most optimum state.

Natural remedies are great in cleansing an immune system ridden with these harmful substances. Algae and aquatic plants are known to be great detoxifiers. These bind firmly to the mercury particles, as well as other heavy metals, and remove them through the gastrointestinal tract. Good examples of algae and aquatic plants include chlorella and spirulina.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are also very helpful in improving the immune system. Selenium, for instance, has powerful antioxidant properties and helps to return one’s immune system to the original levels. Vitamin E and B also boost the immune system and accelerate cell regeneration and the healing process.

Other changes in the dietary behavior of the patient, such as reduction in sugars and processed foods, further enhance the immune system before and after an amalgam removal.

To facilitate this process aimed at achieving optimal health, the holistic dental practitioner may recommend the use of beneficial bacteria or probiotics to improve the overall digestive health of the patient. Holistic practitioners at Golden Dental Wellness Center tailor specific detoxification and chelation programs for particular patients after initial consultation and investigations when working closely with the patients’ healthcare practitioner. This ensures that the best treatment, pre- and post-operatively, is given to all patients that come for amalgam removal procedures.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center (444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-627-8400.

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