KometaBio: Autologous Bone Graft for Better, Faster Dental Implant 

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What happens to your extracted teeth? Do they go in the garbage? Do you save them for the tooth fairy? What if that tooth of yours is actually the most sophisticated source for bone grafting in dentistry? 

The dental experts at KometaBio have found that these little pearls should be utilized, not discarded. Extracted teeth can be cleansed, grinded, treated, and ready for use in just 15 minutes. 

Why is this significant? Dentin, which is the material that makes up the bulk of your tooth, is virtually identical to bone in composition. When preparing your gums for an implant after an extraction, using a dentin graft provides faster bone healing and regeneration. This, combined with soft tissue response and immediate attraction of osteogenic cells, creates a stable base for your dental implant.

Not only does this approach enhance the aesthetic outcome of your implant by restoring proper facial contour, it minimizes the risk of infection and implant rejection. “Dentin attracts Osteoprogenitors from the site, undergoing ankylosis (fusion) with the bone,” according to the KometaBio website. “Containing growth factors and BMPs, it makes a strong, slow resorbing scaffold.” The whole process saves time, frustration, and allows you to put those extracted teeth to good use. 

The device that makes this all possible is KometaBio’s Smart Dentin Grinder, which features a powerful and durable motor, surgical steel stainless steel blade, and multiple safety features to output two graft modalities: 1. Mineralized Dentin Graft and 2. Partial Demineralized Dentin Graft. 

“This is a natural procedure that actually crushes and sterilizes your teeth so that they are ready for use as an autogenous bone graft,” says Linda Golden of Golden Dental Wellness. “It is really interesting and is innovating dentistry.” KometaBio’s Smart Dentin Grinder is among the amazing equipment available at Golden Dental Wellness. 

There are numerous clinical cases to speak for the efficacy of this approach, backed by the research and evidence published in numerous renowned science journals, such as Dentistry Today, Periodontic and Restorative Dentistry, Annals of Anatomy, and more. More than a dozen clinical cases are available to review on KometaBio’s website KometaBio.com.

Golden Dental Wellness is located at 444 Community Dr, Manhasset. To learn more, call 516-627-8400 or visit GoldenSmile.com.

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