Health Span—Live Longer in Good Vigor

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by Annetta Ferrante

Over the past century, 30-plus years of life were added to our lifespan, thanks to progress on multiple fronts, especially advanced medicine and public health.

Living longer should not mean surviving to an older age only. The goal is to live independently, be mobile, and remain cognitively sharp with an active social life—not bedridden with dementia. Living longer brings a chance to create new stories, new rituals and new goals.

Here are a few general tips on healthy aging:

  • Eat foods that contain prebiotics to help your “gut buddies,” which in return keep us young: cruciferous veggies, nuts, chicory, mushrooms, avocados, berries, figs, coconut, olive oil, extra-dark chocolate and green tea.
  • Make sleep your number-one priority, because when you are tired, it is more difficult to keep healthy habits.
  • Exercise is always a great way to keep your body young; just 22 minutes a day may be enough! Try more social sports because of the positive impact of the social connections.
  • Practice meditation; this not only brings serenity but can protect from cognitive decline.
  • Socializing with friends and family is fundamental in healthy aging.
  • See your doctor regularly and get recommended screenings for your age group.
  • Try alternative medicine, like acupuncture, reiki or naturopathy, which can help you stay healthy and pain-free longer.

Annetta Ferrante

Everybody is excited about the possibility to live longer, but with that excitement comes a series of questions about how to make it so the years ahead are great.

There is a need to redefine about one third of life, to learn how to preserve physical and mental health and to planfor societal risks that a longer life presents.

Annetta Ferrante is the founder of YOU Wellness and Well-Being. She provides unique health coaching sessions, which will help with how to make the years ahead vibrant. For more information or to make an appointment, call 516-423-0628 or visit

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