Join Fight to Stop Dangerous 5G Infrastructure

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The nationwide rollout of 5G wireless communication might be good for driverless cars and “smart” homes, but research suggests it may be bad for America’s health. Now concerned communities are banding together to demand that Congress stop the build-out of 5G infrastructure.

This latest advance in telecom technology involves radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation transmitted by a dense network of millions of antennas. These are already being installed on telephone poles and lampposts in neighborhoods all across the country, despite recent research linking RF microwave radiation to serious health problems.

A 2018 study by the National Toxicology Program of the National Institutes of Health confirmed that prolonged exposure to microwave radiation can cause oxidative stress that can lead to cancer. Another 2018 study, conducted by the Ramazzini Institute, in Italy, showed similar biological effects from exposure to radiation from cell towers.

These studies build on a large and growing body of published, independent, peer-reviewed research showing biological harm from RF microwave radiation, says Patti Wood, co-founder and co-director of Grassroots Environmental Education, a nonprofit environmental health organization based in Port Washington, NY.

“For years, the wireless industry has downplayed the potential health effects of exposure to this type of radiation,” she says. “While science is slow, and it is very difficult to draw a straight line between a particular exposure and a disease, we have sufficient evidence to be extremely careful around RF microwave radiation. That’s why so many people are raising questions about the wisdom of installing these powerful 5G antennas so close to our homes.”

This isn’t just about safety, she adds. It’s also about personal choice. “People who live close to these antennas will be exposed to powerful microwave radiation 24/7, whether they use the 5G service or not,” she says.

As local governments can do little to stop the industry-funded race to roll out 5G, Wood suggests that concerned citizens join Americans for Responsible Technology, a collaboration of grassroots organizations that are working together to stop the wireless build-out at the federal level.

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