Gratitude Is the Key to Life

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Gratitude Is the Key to Life

by Deborah Graham

Many of my clients come to me because they want a better life. They want to have more energy, more enthusiasm, and many desire guidance for their part in helping to heal broken hurts in this fragmented world.

My immediate answer is simple and it is free. Gratitude is one of the main keys to a better and more fulfilling life.

Gratitude can be a simple avenue, and it is available to everyone walking this planet. It is a positive feeling that offers a deeper appreciation for what you have, where you have been, the experiences that have gotten you here, and most of all, it is a feeling of something bigger than yourself in this world.

When you express gratitude, whether for the things you have or for people in your life, your health improves on all levels.

You immediately feel lighter when you hold that door for someone whose hands are full.  You immediately lower your anxiety and blood pressure when you reach out with a smile or heartfelt thank you. Gratitude can boost your immune system while also lowering your stress level. It can calm your fears when you feel alone in the world.

It is true—when we forget about the things we do not have, we are free to focus on the blessings and all that is right in front of us.

Deborah Graham is a psychic medium. To connect with her, call 631-303-0522.

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