Introducing a Brand New Food Called TAP

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Tapioca was a food first used by the Indians in South America. It has had a rebirth and now is a clean-eating staple. Extracted from the cassava root, native to the Northern region of Brazil, tapioca is a natural source of energy—ideal for athletes and high-performance workers. When spread on a hot pan, TAP, which is made partially from tapioca, will take the shape of a crepe or wrap. Made with organic materials, TAP is also gluten-free, sodium-free, fat-free and cholesterol-free. TAP is filled with potassium and minerals, including calcium, iron, copper and phosphorus, as well as such vitamins as B complex and folic acid.

Natural Awakenings Long Island staff writer Catherine Driscoll was able to sample TAP and had this to say: “It was really fun to have a healthy, natural product to use in place of a wheat-based wrap. I made breakfast burritos with it as well as crepes, and really enjoyed the taste as well as the healthy vitamins and minerals that I was feeding my body!”

For more information, to order TAP or to learn about the restaurant of the same name coming to NYC, visit

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