Holistic Toothpaste for a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

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Nature’s Dental introduces its newest creation of a fluoride-free toothpaste. Dr. Olga Isaeva, of Nature’s Dental, who is the brains behind Nature’s Green, is so excited about finally having a product that she can feel great recommending to her patients. “With Nature’s Green, there is no more worries about kids ingesting poisonous fluoride and other abrasive unnecessary chemicals, but instead, the whole family can enjoy the natural properties of reducing cavities and gum inflammation as well as detoxifying benefits and immune support of calcium bentonite clay and essential oils!”

What makes Nature’s Green different is the ingredients. Rather than a long list of chemicals that you can’t pronounce, Nature’s Green has four simple ingredients that are naturally detoxifying. The base of the toothpaste is calcium bentonite clay, which contains 71 trace and ultra-minerals that are dietary supplements, which are said to enable the body to absorb nutrients while preventing the absorption of heavy metals and toxins. Bentonite clay is also proposed to reduce cavities and gum disease by absorbing fungus and bacteria and having alkalizing pH 8.5, which boosts the immune system and alleviates allergies. The second ingredient is alkaline water, which has a 9.5 pH level that helps reduce cavities by neutralizing the acid in the mouth, and promotes overall health by supporting healthy digestion, teeth and bones. The doTERRA essential oils used in this product are certified pure therapeutic grade and reduce gum inflammation and cavities, relieve pain, and have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The flavors of the new product are mint, spearmint, wintergreen, orange, cinnamon, chocolate mint, and chocolate orange. For expecting mothers, the flavors are lemon, ginger and lemongrass—great for any morning blues and a perfect aid for optimum digestion. The final ingredient is stevia: a true natural sweetener.

Whether you use Nature’s Green as a preventive measure to boost your immune system, for its detoxifying effects, or simply due to its pleasantly smooth and natural earthy flavor—you’ll find your mouth feeling rejuvenated, energized and naturally clean with Nature’s Green.

Nature’s Dental is located at 50 Broadway, in Greenlawn. For more information, call 631-316-1816 or visit NaturesDental.net.

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