Holistic Dentistry for the Community and the Earth

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By Gina Marie Cronin

Linda Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center, is celebrating 28 years in the dental profession—20 of which are rooted in holistic/integrative dentistry. She started her career as a sculptor and ceramist, as well as a volunteer in communities unable to afford dentistry. From a young age, she was involved in caring for others near and far—her dad was a dentist and took her overseas with him, and with that exposure she was inspired to go to Africa and Israel to provide dental assistance to people in need.

Little by little, as she grew her passion for the health of individuals and the planet, she entered the dental field in Long Island and Manhattan with a wealth of knowledge imparted by her father. She started in cosmetic dentistry, which was a great fit for the artist in her, but her patients began to communicate concern about the safety of some of the conventional treatments. “I was eco-conscious to begin with, so it didn’t take long for me to become involved in a more holistic and environmental practice,” says Dr. Golden. “I feel it’s extremely important to listen to your patients, and I did exactly that; soon after, I was immersed in the holistic world and increasingly concerned by the effect that mercury and fluoride was having on humans and the environment.”

Dr. Golden was trained by top cosmetic dentists Dr. Marc Lowenberg and Dr. Gregg Lituchy in her early years, and worked closely with alternative and biological dentist Dr. Reid Winick thereafter. Further, Dr. Golden completed a two-year internship with Dr. Rau, from Switzerland’s Paracelsus Clinic, and earned certifications in ozone therapy with Dr. Phillip Mollica and Dr. Bob Harris. She is a member of Mercury-Free Dentistry, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, Holistic Dental Association, and International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, among other professional organizations.

“I believe it’s my responsibility to help keep my patients safe by responsibly using biologically compatible materials, and to be sensitive to the Earth by minimizing toxic material in the soil,” she says. “I feel more ethical and caring that when my patients come in they don’t have to worry about the health implications of their dental care—I’ve already done the research for them, and not only provide a more holistic approach, but provide consultation so they can develop healthy and sustainable home practices.” Alternative therapies offered include, but are not limited to, zirconia implants, ozone therapy, safe mercury removal, biocompatibility testing, Waterlase, platelet-rich fibrin and more.

“My practice is very much growing up with me,” says Dr. Golden. Many of her patients have been with her more than 20 years, so she’d like to re-emphasize her focus on cosmetics and ensure people can maintain the aesthetics of their smile in a safe, long-lasting and biocompatible way. “Nothing is more gratifying than getting my patients out of pain, making them feel healthy, and seeing the confidence that comes with their beautiful smile.”

Dr. Golden

Another major goal in the second chapter of her dental career is to continue helping the community. She plans to return to her roots of volunteering her time and energy to people in need, working overseas with organizations like Dentists Without Borders and also visiting Native American reservations, where dental services—especially holistic ones—are scarce. She is committed to helping others, and brings her knowledge to everything she does in an effort to affect a more educated and healthy society.

Golden Dental Wellness Center is located at 444 Community Drive, Ste. 204, Manhasset. To learn more, call 516-627-8400 or visit GoldenSmile.com.

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