Fire Up the Grill, Fire Up the Barbecue, Fire Up Your Soul

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Summer is here, and after a long winter for the North, planting season is upon us.​ ​While you are adding seeds to bring out the colors of your roses, carnations, gladiolas or produce from your vegetable garden, plant a few seeds to boost your soul. What does that mean? It means it is time to get back to the basics of life.​ ​

Here are four simple seeds that you can plant now to help you reap the benefits of your soul:

You are just as important as any task you are attempting to accomplish at this moment​. Our body works off of either a fight/flight stress response or a rest and relaxation response. The key is to balance both. Get out of the cooped-up office you find yourself in, find some time for yourself and friends, and restore the inner light within. The body has to have down time for rest and relaxation, without it, illness occurs. So, plant a seed now to get out and about or find down time for yourself at least once a week.

Detach from the material world.​ Turn off the cell phones, the television, the computer and tablets. Our world today is so busy. Our soul is revved up from all of the electronic input it receives. This alone keeps the frontal lobe of our brain engaged, the part where our reasoning, planning and organization comes from.  This keeps us hardwired as we wait for the next shoe to drop. Sometimes it seems we were born with these electronic devices glued to our hand. Let them go. Plant a seed for your soul by shutting off these gadgets, especially computers, tablets and video games, by 8 p.m. each evening. Read a book, talk with your significant other, or color with your kids or by yourself. Freeing ourselves from the outside world helps us create space where we find our inner dreams. No longer do we search outside of ourselves for pleasure, we realize our dreams really are inside of us.

Get out in nature. ​So many of us are what I call ungrounded these days. We fill our calendars with all of these to-do lists, believing we are forming relationships for the good of all. The truth is nature helps us get back to the basics of life. Nature can help us to see and better understand that we are human, and in our humanness, we require less doing and more being. Getting out in nature plants our feet on solid ground, it relaxes our nervous system, it affords us time to breathe, and, most importantly, it helps to rewire and rejuvenate our soul. Plant a seed to see more of nature and fewer walls. Odds are you sleep better at night.

Meditate​. Stay grounded, and imagine rooting yourself into the ground. Keep the thoughts that you are a seed being planted in the earth. Focus on your first chakra, and visualize yourself being rooted into the earth and on the color red while doing this.

Source: Psychic Deborah Graham, star of TLC’s The Psychic Matchmaker and SiriusXM Radio personality. Mention this brief and receive 50 percent off your first reading with Graham. She is available for psychic readings in person or via phone. Workshops are also available. For more information, call 631-303-0522 or visit

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