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Eating healthy is a challenge for many. Crazy schedules, budgetary constraints and a lack of cooking knowledge often compel even the most well-intentioned eater to pick up a frozen pizza or pull into a drive-thru. Lori Pappas and Carol Giulianelli, co-owners of Good Vibrations Delivery Service, offer a convenient, healthy and budget-friendly alternative that can be enjoyed at the family table.

A healthy food service that delivers directly to the home, Good Vibrations emails a menu to their clients each week. The clients then choose which meals they would like that week, submit their order and enjoy ready-to-heat, fresh meals delivered once a week.

“We usually have five options that include a chicken, fish, some vegetables and side dishes,” explains Pappas, who handles the business end of things. “Customers choose what they want each week. There is no commitment—one week you can order a few things and the next order more or less. We require a $15 minimum but that is our only limitation. Currently our geographic area is confined to the North Shore of Long Island.” Food is delivered in an insulated bag that is reusable so customers can return them with each delivery to be washed and used again.

Chef Giulianelli, who prepares all of the food at Good Vibrations, has always been an advocate of fresh, healthy food. “I really believe in the difference natural and organic foods make in the quality of one’s life,” Giulianelli says. “That food heals and gives us the ability to live life with grace and dignity. I also believe that everyone has their own chemistry and finding and feeding that chemistry can make all of the difference in the world.”

Some of Good Vibration’s most popular dishes are Honey Balsamic Seitan with Polenta (the seitan is homemade and a big hit with customers); Miso Roasted Wild Salmon with Cucumber Salsa and Arugula; Roasted Eggplant and Chick Peas with Sundried Tomato Lemon Caper Sauce; and Chicken Chimichurri with Grilled Vegetables. Services are available to those with special dietary needs, including individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

In addition to delivery, Good Vibrations offers catering services and in-home cooking classes.

For additional information or to place an order, call 516-236-3948, email or visit

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