A Holistic Approach to Nutrition

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Proper nutrition is the basis for optimum health and well-being. Holistic nutrition aims to facilitate a health recovery plan, as well as building a strong foundation for long-term optimum health. Instead of focusing on calorie counting or carbohydrates like many mainstream diet plans, holistic nutrition focuses on a variety of topics. These include educating oneself on basic nutritional terms; incorporating natural and organic foods; overcoming obstacles; creating simple holistic menus; developing a customized holistic diet; addressing the role of natural holistic supplements; reviewing the latest nutritional studies; and addressing chronic health conditions with holistic nutrition.

A healthy diet can be broken down into three categories–macro nutrients, which include carbohydrates, proteins and fats; micro nutrients, which include vitamins and minerals; and fiber, not a nutrient but a part of a holistic diet.

While the widespread availability of organic and natural products may make it easy for some to go with an all organic diet, this is simply not a feasible option for those living on a fixed budget. Becoming familiar with the food products most affected by conventional food growing and processing methods can make food buying decisions less stressful and more budget-friendly.

In addition, society’s reliance on fast food and convenience food products has wreaked havoc on our collective health. Returning to the family table with simple, home-cooked meals offers financial savings and the opportunity to dramatically improve health. In addition, staying current about the advancements made towards understanding the human body is critical. Some of today’s most respected doctors and scientists are now collaborating in integrative medicine. These collaborations provide individuals with the most useful and effective cutting edge health information.

Source: Dr. Kavesteen, of Heart and Health. 2 Locations: La Grande Place, 1350 Deer Park Ave., North Babylon and 281 Middle Country Rd., Middle Island. For additional information or to schedule an appointment, call 631-482-1355, or visit KavesteenMd.com.

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