Day One Ash Wednesday

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Day ONE-Ash Wednesday
I love trying new things. But I think it’s making me unhealthy. I tried “grazing” for me it was just a license to eat all the time. I gave up dairy, it only made me eat more pasta. I was vegetarian….yup more pasta. I figured it out then and I said no to pasta. Of course dairy snuck it’s way back into my life, namely in the form of ICE CREAM! This year, I decided to give up sugar for lent. Well it started I also try and do something positive for lent each year. So naturally I was going to exercise more. BORING! I needed to enjoy what I was doing, I needed it to feel purposeful. I have decided to embark on a lifestyle change according to the principals of Lent. For forty days, I will remove some things, add somethings and incorporate the Vatican 2 fasting guidelines, namely three meals a day (this grazing is NOT working for me). Follow me, we can see if it works together. If it does share with me.

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