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Day One Ash Wednesday

Day ONE-Ash Wednesday I love trying new things. But I think it’s making me unhealthy. I tried “grazing” for me it was just a license to eat all the time. I gave up dairy, it only made me eat more pasta. I was vegetarian….yup more pasta. I figured it out then and I said no to pasta. Of course dairy ... Read More »

Father’s Day-A Publishers Letter to her dad

“I thank you for the music and your stories of the road I thank you for the freedom when it came my time to go I thank you for the kindness and the times when you got tough And papa, I don’t think I said ‘I love you’ near enough” —Dan Fogelberg My relationship with my father was not always ... Read More »

“Broccoli is Candy” and Other Lies I’ve told My Children

I sit writing this as my family is snuggled asleep upstairs. I am drinking my coffee and contemplating the true awesomeness of parenting. There is just so much to it! So much love, so many fears, tears, anguish, smiles and so many lies. Well, yeah lies.   For me it started innocently, when they were toddlers, “Yummy broccoli, it’s candy!” ... Read More »