Book Launch: Chocolate & Diamonds

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September 13 is the release date for Chocolate & Diamonds for the Woman’s Soul—an anthology about empowerment, survival, courage and awakening, coauthored by100 women. The book brings together many voices into a masterpiece for the ages. Each “timeless treasure” represents a diamond that has endured the test of time, the heat of transformation and the release of inner beauty to the world. When reading each story, one should allow oneself to be transported into the story as one walks a mile with a team of women that said yes to releasing their untold story.

“As women, we feel tremendous pressure in our society to keep up appearances—our looks, our waistline, our homes, our relationships. Yet, every day there are millions of us who are suffering through abuse, strained family relationships, divorce, job loss, loss of a child, depression, financial woes— lots of life challenges,” says one of the co-authors, Catherine M. Laub. So, “if you’ve ever felt like you are all alone while you struggle with your challeng- es, you’ll take comfort in the stories of Chocolate & Diamonds.” These are stories of real women that have struggled and overcome.

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