TeloMore Increases Lifespan by Improving Telomere Health

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Viachem LLC proudly announces that TeloMore advanced longevity dietary supplement is now available.

TeloMore Astragaloside IV, the concentrated all-natural nutraceutical, extracted from the TeloHumBot-500x500Astragalus membranaceus plant, supports production within the body of a very important enzyme, telomerase.

Significant genetic research has revealed that telomeres, the tips at the ends of chromosomes, are home to a unique DNA sequence that protects chromosomes from degradation. Every cell in our bodies has 92 telomere caps, which act as sentinels. The weakening or shortening of even one of these caps can compromise a cell’s function. Telomere length can be considered a solid indicator of general wellness, as well as age.

Though only a small part of the total genome content, the telomeres’ function is critical. As we age, our telomeres become progressively shorter. When telomeres get too short, the DNA becomes far more vulnerable to damage, often resulting in the development of cancer and other age-related diseases.

By supporting the production of the telomerase enzyme, TeloMore slows down, and in some cases, actually reverses the shortening process; extending the longevity of the cells, and, therefore, of the person. TeloMore also supports recovery and repair processes, immune system and cardiovascular health, and memory vitality.

For optimal results, TeloMore should be taken beginning around age 25, though it can be started anytime, up to around 70.

TeloMore is also available in dosages suitable for pets and other animals.

For more information, contact Viachem LLC at 631-752-8700, [email protected] or 

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