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mC08QSUI didn’t want you,

You would make a mess.

The kids wouldn’t help,

It would only cause stress.

Who would feed you or walk you at night?

Taking on more responsibility just didn’t feel right.

But there you were on the street all alone,

How could we not stop and bring you home?

Much to my reluctance, we “adopted” you—we had to, you see.

Yet, of course, I was right—your care, it was all on me.

For everyone else, the novelty of having you was soon old.

No one else was feeding or walking you without being told.

Thought I might resent another thing to take care of,

Who would have known the impact of your love?

You see, you don’t care if I have had a bad day.

Silly animal, you aren’t “smart” enough to just stay away.

You run/fly/trot to the door, and bark, chirp or mew,

For you are the animal that I did rescue.

All those trips to the pet store and the walks that at times I couldn’t wait to end,

Put me in places where I met many new friends.

The shoes you have ruined, and the furniture you tore.

It’s weird, I was sure it would have bothered me more.

Instead, it focused me on the fact that it is all just stuff.

Taught me that if you have unconditional love then that is enough.

Because of you, even my bad days always still end without a tear.

You’ve taught me to love without any fear.

And when you go, I know my heart will truly break.

It’s a risk to love so much—a risk I am more than willing to take. Knowing my days are always a bit brighter thanks to you,

It makes me wonder, dear pet, who rescued who?

Malama Pono!

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-Kelly Martinsen, Publisher

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