Can You Use Digestive Enzymes for Weight Loss? 

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Your body runs on enzymes! Some of these enzymes are manufactured by your body naturally, and some of the foods you eat contain enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that act to support all chemical processes. They are essential to your existence, but as we get older, our enzyme production lowers. This decrease of enzymes greatly influences the effects of aging and is linked to many diseases.

Digestive enzymes are only one category of enzymes produced by our bodies, but they are needed to help break down our food, thus making it available to our cells. Enzyme-deficient diets create chronic disease. If you consume a diet of lifeless processed foods for a lengthy period of time, you will eventually wear down your digestive tract as you deplete your system of necessary enzymes. You will begin to experience gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and reflux. These symptoms create low-grade stresses to the organs. Stress to the organs will result in further irritation and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. This inflammation will result in weight gain and lead to many nutrient/vitamin deficiencies, as you’re never really receiving all the nutrition your food contains.

Vitamins and minerals are needed to properly eliminate toxins from the body, and to promote the health needs of your digestive system, cardiovascular system, metabolism and total body weight. Nutrient deficiency can also predispose you to autoimmune conditions. Frequently experienced signs of nutrient deficiency include chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, and heavy menstrual periods. Ask your doctor how you can benefit from enzyme therapy.

Source: Dr. Elyse Tursi, of One Integrative Wellness—a Pollack Wellness Center (100 Manetto Hill Rd., Ste. 307, Plainview). For more information, call 516-299-9313.

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