Day Four of My Lent LifeStyle

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IMG_3169Day’s two and three were learning days. So what did I learn. I learned that I snack a hell of a lot more than I thought I did, I learned that because I don’t allow myself ice-cream I allow myself, three glasses of wine (not good!), and I learned that I use food as a reward. Not sure how to change that. But for this first run I need to alter a few things. First, I am adding to my Lent Lifestyle list of restrictions, wine. Now let’s not be hasty I am not giving up all wine. But, no more than one glass for the next forty days, at a time. I think that will be tough because while I like the first glass, I find I LOVE the second 😉

So recap, 40 days of focusing on my Lent Lifestyle.  I am focusing on removing some bad things from my life, moderating some of my behaviors and adding some positive things. Focus for me right now is on the food. I have removed Ice Cream and Pure Sugar (candy etc), I am eating three meals a day, if I am desperate and I MUST snack I can have fruit or vegetables (not fruit of veggies WITH peanut butter) just good old fashioned fruit or veggies. And now, I am only allowing myself one glass of wine. Friday, no meat. Sunday, can be my day off, this helps account for the 46 actual days in lent.

Day four today’s (sit down) meals:

Breakfast-Wrestler’s Porridge-coconut oil heated sliced bananas, nuts, fresh ground peanut butter, table spoon of Fage yogurt and rasberries.

Lunch-1 egg, purple potato and onion, bowl of grapefruit and side of okra chips

Dinner-Sausage, onion, olive oil, tomato sauce over penne for family (over squash for me)

Next entry we MUST discuss my work out.

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