Yoga Teacher Training—Where Lifelong Friendships Start

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breathe n flow“Yoga teacher training is a journey that will not only deepen your own practice and give you the tools to share your passion with others, but it is also a wonderful way to connect with likeminded people on a spiritual level,” says Leah Hartofelis, yoga teacher and owner of Breathe N Flow (BNF) Yoga, in Freeport. “Through hours of practicing, learning and exploring together, BNF Yoga Teacher Trainees (YTTs) create a bond that will last a lifetime.”

Adds Hartofelis: “As you embark on this new path, you’ll find yourself spending lots of time with a group of people who might be strangers to you at first but quickly become family. Stepping out of your comfort zone through practice-teaching and adjustments creates a sense of trust. Sitting and breathing together at the start and end of each class connects YTTs on a level that is unlike any other bond.”

BNF Yoga provides a safe and trusting environment where YTTs feel comfortable to open up to one another without fear of being judged. There is a sense of ease in realizing that everyone is going through the same thing, while all the teachers offer unconditional support throughout the entire journey.

“By the time graduation rolls around (in the blink of an eye!), you’ll look back on all the hours of hard work and dedication and realize that you have shared an indescribable spiritual adventure with your new yoga family,” shares Hartofelis.

Location: 361 Atlantic Ave., Freeport. For more information, call 516-632-9626 or visit and click “teacher training.”

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