Where Does Reiki Come From and How Does Energy Healing Work?

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You may have received reiki at a yoga festival or heard about it on TV, but you may be wondering what is reiki and why is it becoming mainstream.

Energy healing is based upon the idea that everything that is solid, liquid or gas is comprised of energy at the most basic level. Many cultures and ancient civilizations recognized that we have a life-force energy flowing through us. It’s known as prana, chi or qi. If you practice yoga, you are already balancing your prana and chakras (the subtle body). Similarly, balancing qi is the foundation of the ancient practice of acupuncture, which has been proven to help with pain, hormonal balance, and stress.

In reiki, we are also harmonizing life-force energy, but we’re using our hands, intention, mantras, meditation, precepts and attunements. The system of reiki is accessible, and anyone can work with a reiki master- teacher to learn and receive attunements.

Today, reiki is used as a complementary healing modality in many hospices, cancer clinics, and medical centers. Studies find that reiki helps patients balance blood pressure, salivary cortisol and blood sugar. Many report that they sleep better, are more resilient to anxiety and depression, and find relief from chronic pain. As clients connect to the life-force energy within themselves and others, they heal mentally, emotion- ally, spiritually and physically.

Source: Parita Shah, a practitioner of reiki, integrated energy therapy and chakra balancing in East Meadow. For more information, visit ParitaShahHealing.com or join her private Facebook group, Long Island Reiki.

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