What Is Far Infrared Sauna?

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Far infrared sauna therapy duplicates the healthy frequencies of our own cells. Resonant absorption is said to occur when the frequency of the far infrared matches the frequency of the water in our cells. This causes toxins from our cells to be put out into the blood stream and excreted in sweat, feces and urine.

Far infrared saunas are utilized at temperatures of 100-130 degrees F. This is much lower than the much-higher temperatures utilized by traditional saunas.

Far infrared is claimed to penetrate the body’s tissues deeper than traditional sauna, and this along with sweating is responsible for healing effects.

Some benefits of far infrared sauna include detoxification, help with mild depression, reduction of chronic pain, improvement in chronic illness, a decrease in stress, weight control, skin cleansing/rejuvenation, and an increase in metabolic rate.

Far infrared is NOT for everyone. You should always let a medical professional know when you embark on a new health approach.

Source: SunLighten.com/?LeadSource=NaturalAwakenings

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