Reiki Healing for All

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by Ravindar Kaur

First and foremost, it is important to understand what reiki is. Reiki is universal energy that is pure and unconditional. “Rei” represents universal intelligence that flows to where it’s needed. It’s pure, unconditional constant flow everywhere present. Earth, rivers, oceans—there is no place where it is not. “Ki” represents energy in the human body and is the reason for all your organs to function without your efforts. For example, you don’t tell your heart to beat. When ki is blocked, it creates stagnation and dis-ease.

Also vital to understand is that you can only experience the gift of healing if you have fully opened your heart and soul to receive it with deep faith and trust. If you are doubtful about its unconditional love and intelligence, you may not benefit from it. Images, beliefs and misunderstandings are like walls that don’t let the universe show its fullness of blessings to you.

Reiki could be a very crucial and lifesaving skill for parents, or anyone for that matter. It empowers you and opens your abilities to become equipped with healing emotional, mental and even physical health and well-being for yourself and your loved ones.

Reiki also opens up your spiritual path to wisdom and guidance on each level of your life. Your personal and professional relationships improve as you gain deeper trust in life itself.

Come in for a reiki session and reiki circle to gain more understanding of reiki.

Ravindar Kaur is a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, reiki master teacher, meditation teacher and professional artist. She is located at 55 W. Old Country Rd., in Hicksville. For more information, call 516-519-2458.

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