Myobrace Orthodontics

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A beautiful smile begins with healthy and well-aligned teeth. This can be achieved through a good set of genes or, more commonly, rigorous orthodontic activities. One successful and easy option with high patient satisfaction is Myobrace orthodontics developed in Australia more than 20 years ago.

Traditional orthodontic methods use various materials to artificially move teeth into their right positions with sustained pressure over a long period of time. However, the root causes of crooked teeth, which are usually due to poor oral and breathing habits, are ignored.

These habits have the most significant impact on the jaws of children and cause the most damage at younger ages. Yet, the fragile nature of young jaws and teeth are not favorable for conventional orthodontics. Therefore, children and parents have to wait until an older age before mal-aligned teeth are corrected, resulting in worse problems.

Myobrace orthodontics uses breathing techniques and the natural functioning of jaws, cheeks and other structures in the oral cavity to move mal-positioned teeth. In correcting poor oral habits, Myobrace appliances encourage individuals to breathe through their nose, which improves overall health, as the air is adequately filtered, preventing harmful germs from invading the throat and lungs.

There is also little force applied to move teeth, and this is only done one to two hours each day. This certainly increases compliance among users, especially children, as application of forces is done with patient-friendly appliances worn while sleeping. In this way, relapse of treatment rarely occurs because the habits that caused the malocclusion are also catered for.

Best results are obtained when treatment begins at an early age on compliant and motivated patients. The program for children employed by Myobrace orthodontics also encourages healthy eating habits with emphasis on balanced diets, and further improves overall health.

Myobrace orthodontics also has appliances made for teenagers and adults, employing the same techniques as described above. At Golden Dental, our team of professionals is always ready for discussions with patients to design a custom-made Myobrace-correction program to meet specific and general needs.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center (444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset). For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-627-8400.

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