Managing Inflammation with Halotherapy

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Acidity in our bodies has often been linked to inflammation. Inflammation, especially when chronic, is hbsaltcave-octat the root of many diseases. There are many ways to manage inflammation, including utilizing pharmacologic agents—both over the counter and those prescribed by health professionals. A more holistic approach involves utilizing vitamin and mineral supplementation that has been specifically linked to reducing inflammation, including better grades of fish oils and herbal supplements, like turmeric.

Another method that is now being proposed as a way to decrease inflammation is halotherapy, which is dry salt air inhalation. It has recently been added to the list of holistic approaches that can safely be integrated into a person’s anti-inflammatory arsenal. Some research has shown that halotherapy significantly brings down inflammation both locally in the respiratory tract as well as systemically throughout the body. This is good news for anyone that suffers with a disease process that is inflammatory in nature, including bowel, joint and skin disorders, to name a few.

One way to expose yourself to dry salt air is by visiting a local salt cave. A salt cave session usually lasts 45 minutes. “During that time, salt session guests are able to recline in a zero gravity lounge chair, snuggled under a blanket and enjoy a guided meditation, which takes them through a progressive muscle-relaxation technique coupled with deep diaphragmatic breathing,” says Marcy Bishop, owner of the Port Jeff Salt Cave, in Port Jefferson. “When attending a salt cave session, the participant experiences guided imagery coupled with relaxing music designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system into what has been termed ‘the relaxation response,’ first coined by Dr. Herbert Benson. During this natural response, the body’s immune system is heightened and inflammation is reduced, making this a natural pairing with the beneficial effects of halotherapy.”

Location: 320 Main St., Port Jefferson. For more information, call 631-938-2102.

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