Kids Need Their Yoga, Too! Yoga for Kids at Breathe N Flow

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refinance flyerWith the increased popularity of yoga in the United States over the last decade, many adults have already experienced the incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a regular yoga practice. However, it is important to recognize that children need their yoga, too. Breathe N Flow Yoga (BNFY) studio not only offers a wide variety of adult yoga classes but kids classes as well. Now the whole family can enjoy a healthier lifestyle together.

Yoga for children is important because it promotes strength, flexibility and coordination.  It enhances self-awareness, imagination and empathy while teaching children to have fun and move their bodies in a noncompetitive environment. Yoga teaches self-discipline by encouraging children to master their own minds and bodies, and teaches them to relax while gaining control of any stress in their lives.

In an age where children are spending most of their time indoors behind a computer screen, yoga is a great way to teach kids to have fun without the use of technology and increase physical activity. Yoga helps kids stay fit and ready to learn. Over time, it can also increase self-confidence and help develop their emotional and social skills.

BNFY provides a safe and comfortable environment for children to practice yoga, while offering adult classes in the very next room so parents can practice at the same time. Now there is no reason why anyone should miss out on the incredible healing effects of yoga.

BNFY offers Kids’ Yoga (ages 5 to 12) Mondays at 5 p.m. and Big Kids’ Yoga (ages 11 to 14) Mondays at 7:15 p.m. with Elizabeth Tucker. The studio also offers a variety of children- and family-oriented workshops each month.

Location: 361 Atlantic Ave., Freeport. For more information, visit

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