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The “perfect smile” includes aesthetically positioned teeth. Unfortunately, genetics, anthropologic development and poor childhood habits, such as thumb sucking, improper swallowing, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing, can all result in less-than- perfect dentition in some individuals. Not only does this affect aesthetics, but it also affects periodontal health and can lead to an introduction of decay, even in patients that perform the very best home care instructions provided by Golden Dental Wellness Center, in Manhasset.

Malocclusion, or misaligned teeth, causes food impaction within abnormally created spaces, resulting in plaque, tartar accumulation and decay. Such crowding creates hard-to-clean areas, resulting in periodontal disease and decay. Periodontal disease is not only harmful to the oral cavity but further increases the risk of cardiovascular and other systemic problems, premature birth, bad breath (halitosis) and more.

Misaligned teeth also cause undue stress to be exerted on the teeth and jaws, resulting in abfractions, which are excessive premature wear of enamel at the gingival line of teeth. This can lead to weakening of the root of teeth, resulting in fracturing and loss of teeth. Stress on the jaws may also lead to clicking and pain in the jaws.

The various degrees of malocclusion include crowding, cross-bite, deep bite, spacing, edge-to-edge bite, excessive over-jet and open bite. Invisalign Adult and Invisalign Teen are types of orthodontic devices, utilizing specially designed aligners to correct many forms of malocclusion. These aligners are custom made for each patient and gently move misaligned teeth into their proper position over a period of time.

Invisalign aligners are clear and removable, allowing for regular, effective cleaning of teeth and gums. And because they are removable, adults and teens can go about their normal extracurricular activities without feeling left out, the way conventional appliances may cause them to. Also, there are no metallic components to irritate the soft tissue of the oral cavity while wearing them.

The cost of Invisalign aligners is almost on par with other orthodontic devices, and a portion of the cost is often covered by insurance.

Malocclusion does not have to be a permanent part of an individual’s life. With the right orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign, adults and teens may be spared the problems of misaligned teeth and periodontal disease, as well as the problem of developing cavities/decay due to crowding caused by food impaction and/or the inability to clean well.

Source: Linda J. Golden, DDS, of Golden Dental Wellness Center (444 Community Dr., Ste. 204, Manhasset). For more information or to schedule a free 10-minute Invisalign consultation, call 516-627-8400

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