Cracking the Weight-Loss Code

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by Dr. Ray Omid

mhARO1K“Men and women continually struggle with weight, spending four or five days a week at the gym for 30 to 40 minutes working on either the treadmill or the elliptical machine,” says Dr. Ray Omid, owner of Advanced and Premium Holistic Healthcare, in Jericho. “The approach of exercising more and eating less is not effective for many. New effort allowed me to lose 25 pounds in 40 days. Not only was it easy to do, but it was fun.

“Because of my dramatic results, my patients began to say, ‘Hey, doc, whatever you’re doing, I want to do it, too,’” continues Omid. “To accommodate, I became one of only six doctors in the world to offer the Lighten Up Fat-Loss System. This doctor-supervised system involves no hunger, no cravings, no necessary exercise, no drugs and no prepackaged foods to buy, all while allowing participants to lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days.”

Men typically lose 35 to 45 pounds, while women typically lose 27 to 35 pounds, explains Omid. “You will lose at least 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days as long as you adhere to the program. The system’s effectiveness lies in the fact that each program is customized for the individual. This system balances fat-burning hormones.” All weight gain has a hormonal component, and everyone has different hormonal imbalances, explains Omid. Because the American diet is so high in high-fructose corn syrup, most people have imbalanced insulin levels. Insulin is a fat-storing hormone, and releasing too much insulin causes weight gain. Also because of the xenoestrogens present in the food and water supply, most people have estrogen imbalances, adds Omid. Estrogen is a fat-storing hormone, and having high levels of xenoestrogens causes fat to be stored instead of used for energy.

“The high levels of stress today are causing people to release high levels of cortisol, which is also a fat-storing hormone,” says Omid. “Our Lighten Up program detects all these imbalances and formulates the right nutritional support to deactivate the fat-storing hormones and activate the fat- burning hormones, such as DHEA, thyroid hormone, etc. “The best part is that we no longer need to guess what’s causing weight-loss resistance. We have advanced computerized technology, called CERF, that tests 5,000 variables, including toxins, minerals and hormones to determine what’s out of balance and how to bring it back into balance.”

Dr. Ray Omid‘s practice, Lighten Up Jericho, is located at 325 N. Broadway, Jericho. By calling 1-855-NYFATLOSS and mentioning Natural Awakenings of Long Island, the caller will receive a free evaluation, which includes metabolic age assessment and/ ornutritionalassessment. For more information, visit

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